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ARGUMENT ONLINE! can be implemented as a collateral resource for conventional classroom instructors who are teaching critical thinking and argument/research skills, and it can certainly be used as the primary text in online courses.

Instructor's manual and interactive test (75 questions) are also available to instructors who implement this text in their classrooms or online courses.

New E-Book to Use with Your New CMS Courses in Critical Thinking

(Written to be used with the Judge Jimmy Game)

Argument Online!

An Interactive Ebook That Teaches You How to Research and Write Powerful Arguments

By James R. Musgrave (Resume)
Contemporary Instructional Concepts

  • Includes links to writing and research tutorials
  • Includes instruction on how to write arguments
  • Includes necessary search tools for legal and other sources
  • Includes MLA Style templates (in .rtf format)
  • Includes step-by-step instructions on formatting in MLA Style

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Argument Online!

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Argument Online!

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Note: Teachers who choose to implement the text and game with their online or in-class courses should request a free copy of the Instructor's Manual, which is filled with suggestions on how to use the book and game to their maximum advantage!

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